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Quality Dishwasher Repair in Lansing

A broken dishwasher is not good news any day of the week. We at Action Appliance Service understand that to keep a kitchen running smoothly, dishes and cooking equipment need to get back into circulation, and plates and utensils need to be washed as quickly as possible. Also, if the equipment is simply not working at its peak, dishes may not come out as clean as you want. When there is a problem, we are ready in Lansing with quality dishwasher repair service available.
Is Your Appliance Leaking or Just Not Working? Call Today.
Dishwasher problems run the gamut from water temperature issues to total malfunction. Some things can be resolved by checking the power source or by clearing a drain. Some issues, however, require professional attention. Repair service is recommended if a dishwasher is experiencing any of the following issues:
  • Leaking
  • No power, even after power source is confirmed
  • Not cleaning
  • Door switch not operating
  • Selector switch not functional
  • Spray arm disabled
  • Operating too loudly
Some homeowners make the mistake of assuming that when a dishwasher breaks, it automatically needs to be replaced. At Action Appliance Service, we believe that regular maintenance and timely repairs are almost always less costly than replacing the equipment entirely. Fixing a dishwasher may take far less time than shopping for, purchasing and installing a new one. The key is to have a reliable and experienced company on hand to get the job done fast when problems arise. For residential or commercial kitchens, Action Appliance Service is available to help.
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Don’t let dishwasher problems back up your kitchen business. Our experienced staff has been fixing poorly operating and dysfunctional dishwashers for many years. Call Action Appliance Service in Lansing for range repair and other services at 517-321-2220.