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Excellent Refrigerator Service & Repair in Lansing

A healthy kitchen is dependent on a refrigerator that works. Perishable food requires a consistently cool environment to stay fresh and usable. A fridge that is not cold enough can cause food to go bad prematurely. Timely refrigerator repair by Action Appliance Service of Lansing can save both your food and further damage to the appliance. We have fast response times to get the problem identified and fixed before the contents of the fridge become the contents of the trash. Our technicians are familiar with all major brands and are available to help. We believe that a quality repair service will not only make a problem go away but can help prevent issues with regular maintenance and do-it-yourself tips to keep items cool.
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A fridge that is not cooling has an obvious problem, but there are other things to look and listen for that indicate that the equipment is malfunctioning. Do not wait until it is completely broken to get help. Here are a few signs that there may be trouble:
  • Low or no power running to the equipment.
  • Condenser fan motor is not functioning.
  • Evaporator fan motor is not working.
  • Defrost heater is burnt out.
  • Compressor is not starting.
  • Leaking.
Fridges cycle off and on throughout the day. Even the highest-quality appliance can suffer from daily use over time. Leakage or unusually loud operating noise may warrant a visit from Action Appliance Service.
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Action Appliance Service in Lansing also offers dishwasher service and repair. Contact us for professional and friendly service at 517-321-2220.