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Washing Machine Maintenance in Lansing

Having a wardrobe full of clean, crisp clothes helps to get your workday off right. Owning a washer and dryer is a great convenience and, for most busy families, a necessity. When it’s laundry time and you discover that your trusty appliance is not working, Action Appliance Service is on your side. We’ve been providing washing machine repair in the Lansing area for over 36 years and continue to please customers with our commitment to fast and economic service. Whether your unit loads from the top or the front, we have the supplies and expertise needed to handle your washer or dryer repair.
Common Problems With Laundry Appliances
Most appliances are designed to handle the work they do well, but when they fail, narrowing the problem down can lead to the most expedient solution. The following are some of the most frequently experienced problems with residential laundry units:
  • Excessive noise – When you start hearing sounds that are out of the ordinary, it’s probably time for a checkup.
  • Leaking - Externally, water leaks can come from a bad connection or cracked hose. Internal problems include a clog or broken part.
  • Jumping - When equipment isn’t level with the floor surface, it may jump around during certain cycles and even lose power because its plug can be ripped out from the wall.
  • No movement - A worn belt or motor can result in a washer that is not cleaning your clothes.
  • No heat - If your dryer’s heating element is broken, your clothes tumble but stay wet.
Quality Repair for Dryers

Our appliance repair company is family owned and has been successful because of our mission always to do our best work. If you live in the Lansing area and are in need of repairs, give us a call at 517-321-2220.